Registration rules

This kind of a basic registration is required as for voting players, as well as for server owners.

I. To servers' owners / servers' administrators:

(All violations could result your server excluding from the top4you rating portal)

1.1 Putting the top4you button on your site is strictly required. You can find the instance of such a button here: Personal Cabinet -> Rating participant -> Buttons

1.2 Uploading the images about your project is highly recommended: shield 170x170px, list banner 270x107px, project top banner 980x169px

1.3 Keep your credentials secured

II. To voters:

2.1 Do not register multiple accounts please. We allow only one account for one unique owner.

2.2 Keep your credentials secured

2.3 Do not issue offensive statements

2.4 Please pay attention to the following account data: name - that is your real name (or nick of your char, up to you), username - your login, will be hide from anyone, keep it secure.

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